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Only an effective business can consistently make a profit, despite of all the "surprises", which a market ensures. That's why every unit in our work provides stability and resistance to the unfavorable situations. And that exactly gives our partners the opportunity to conduct business comfortably and takes care of development, not only about survival.

For 5 years on the market we have passed the way from a promising area of optical discs and consumables, to a serious player in each of the 28 product groups in our product range.

Our suppliers - are the world's leading manufacturers.
From year to year, we continue to justify the confidence to represent the world's best brands in the Ukrainian market. We do not just buy products - we build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship and turn them into a competitive advantage for ourselves and our clients.

We are the official distributor of such brands as:
AM Office, ANV, Arita, Arena (exclusive), Canon, Chicony, Datex (exclusive), Defender, G-CUBE, Emtec, Freecom (exclusive)Fuji (exclusive - диски, элементы питания), Fujitsu(exclusive - элементы питания), Intenso, Kaktuz (exclusive), Lomond, Maximus (exclusive), Mira (exclusive), Memorex, Phillips (exclusive - элементы питания), MT (exclusive), Pleomax, Portdesign, Targus, Tucano, Kingmax, LG, QAISY, Ridata (exclusive), Ritek (exclusive), Samsung, Sanyo, TDK, Verbatim.

Also, we introduce products under the brand: А4 Tech, Duracell, Epson, Energizer, F&D, Genius, Gemix, Gembird, HP, Квадо, Kingston, KSL, Logitech, Maxxtro, Transcend, Phillips, Powrcom, Sony, Sven, Xerox.

Our product range is always in demand in different market segments.

The main directions of our activity are:
- Media of all types: magnetic, optical, flash-memory;
- Digital information play portable devices: mp3/mp4 players, media centers;
- Computer Accessories and accessories for storage and transportation data;
- Consumables for printing;
- Batteries, lights, torches and chargers;
- Uninterruptible power supply;
- Stationery.

Today, we continue finding new directions in which we can offer our customers something interesting for business.

The right product is always available. The system of warehouses across Ukraine can handle volumes that are sufficient to meet demand.

Our prices are the current market situation. The correct price for today is the best way to cooperate with us tomorrow. We will promptly respond to the market demands in order to cooperate with customers mutually beneficial.

You can work with us regardless of your location in Ukraine.

You can order products by 3 different ways: B2B site, e-mail and telephone
We are doing everything to reduce your time and simplify the ordering process. You can create an order by your own or rely on our managers

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