We work with different companies regardless of size, sphere or form of ownership.

Among our clients are:
Wholesale companies;
Customers with their own retails;
Online Stores;
In order to evaluate the cooperation prospects, it is easy to dial the phone number of the nearest representative. Our staff can provide an irrefragable answer to any questions.

For our clients, we:
Provide advertising and promotional support for active products:
Catalogs, information booklets and leaflets, posters and banners, promotional materials (branded T-shirts, pens, bags, umbrellas, etc.), a special shop equipment (display cases, products posts, and light boxes)

Organize specialized seminars, trainings and conferences; You can personally talk with the companies and manufacturers representatives and find useful information about the current range and news, which will go on sale in the near future.

offer to participate in marketing promotions and programs for various products groups;
You have an opportunity to receive special prices on some items from our range of different brands, win prizes (from USB FLASH on 32GB to the car)

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